Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Early American Street Cars,1832

First American Street Car,New York City,1832.


  1. And in 1883, Leo Daft (an English professor and the one responsible for early American railroads) built Ampère, a vehicle that pulls passengers through the streets of Newark, New Jersey. I wish I could have seen these streetcars in reality. It must have been so amazing!

    1. I'm sorry to tell you but that's quite impossible to happen now, Stelle. :( But I think they could come up with a new technology of street cars, right? :) Anyway, at least we have a history of responsible drivers in New Jersey.

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  3. Wow, a rail car! Rail cars used to fit only 16 people per car and would run on steam or coal. They used to be what we call “cars” since cars then were still thought of horseless carriages. The cars before were unstable. They could explode in your face and sometimes the brake would come loose if you leave your car on long enough with the continous jerking movement the car makes. Other than that cars in the past make really good pieces of history.


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